What To Expect at Ascend 2024

An Experience That Will Stay With You

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What To Expect at Ascend 2024

An Experience That Will Stay With You


In-depth sessions and workshops will provide you with tons of practical, game-changing takeaways you can immediately apply to improve your business strategy. Plus, therapists can earn CEUs for attending.


You’ll have the opportunity to meet, mingle, and share ideas with seasoned professionals from around the country. You never know what inspiration, partnerships, or friendships you’ll gain during this three-day event.


Right now, therapy professionals have a unique opportunity to step into a leading role in their patients’ healthcare teams. Join the discussion, and challenge yourself to take your practice—and our profession—to the next level.

Track Experiences

We organize our educational sessions into three different tracks. Each track features hand-picked, industry-leading speakers who will deliver information and insights specific to you, your role, and your responsibilities. You’ll be equipped to take actionable plans back to your organization after the event.

There's Something for Everyone

Ascend brings rehab therapists together to learn, share ideas, and take their practices to the next level. That’s why we designed the event to allow attendees to collaborate and network—not just sit in sessions and absorb information—making it the perfect place to bring your whole team. There’s no better way to fuel innovation, inspire collaboration, and accelerate growth than doing it together.

Rehab Therapy Practice Owners

Discover scalable revenue-boosting tactics, gain realistic, relatable advice from peers and experts, and prepare your practice for upcoming regulatory changes.

Future Rehab Therapy Owners

Learn strategies to run and grow your future business, and network with industry leaders and successful private practice owners to gain realistic, relatable advice.

Rehab Therapy Providers

Increase your value to employers by understanding the business side of practice, gain valuable career-planning insight, and prepare yourself for upcoming regulatory changes.

Front Office Staff

Discover tactics to improve your front office workflow, gain valuable career-planning insight, and prepare yourself for upcoming regulatory changes.

Rehab Therapy Business Executives

Learn how to leverage technology in multi-clinic or hospital-based practices, sharpen your leadership and hiring skills, and strengthen your company’s communication and culture.

Therapy Billers

Learn tactics to improve your workflow and revenue cycle management processes, increase your value to employers by improving payments and better engaging patients, and gain valuable career-planning insight.

Bring Your Crew

Ascend attendees are the ones influencing the future of their companies’ business and strategic success. They’re the movers and shakers of the rehab therapy industry, and they hail from a wide variety of companies—both established and startup—including sole-practitioner clinics, multi-site private practices, and hospital-based facilities, where they work as single clinic owners, executives, therapists, front office staff, and billing managers. In other words, regardless of your practice size, style, or role within it, if your’re a rehab therapy professionals looking to take your practice to the next level, then Ascend is for you.

Multiply Your Impact

Imagine the possibilities when every member of your team is immersed in the latest industry trends, gaining valuable insights and forging connections with like-minded professionals.

Cultivate a Culture of Excellence

By attending together, you'll strengthen bonds, foster a learning culture, and ignite a passion for excellence that will reverberate throughout your organization.

Maximize Return on Investment

Investing in your team's development is an investment in your company's future. With our group discounts and tailored experiences for teams, bringing everyone ensures maximum ROI for your conference investment.

One of the things that I would say that I think Ascend does better than anyone else is providing time for people to truly network and get into conversations.

Eric Fernandez

Director of Rehab, Hyperice

Practices Sizes

  • 41%Single Clinic
  • 29%2-10 Clinics
  • 22%11-20 Clinics
  • 8%21+ Clinics

Business Roles

  • 33%Executive
  • 25%Owner
  • 20%Director
  • 9%Office Manager or Biller
  • 13%Other

Therapy Roles

  • 80%DPT/PT
  • 8%OT
  • 5%SLP
  • 4%ATC
  • 3%PTA

Connecting Made Easy

Attending Ascend provides a variety of networking events that ignite conversations among attendees. By providing collaborative roundtable sessions, discussion-provoking content, and entertaining events, Ascend takes the stress out of networking so you can focus on having meaningful conversations that help you build your business.

Exchange Talks

Engage in small peer-to-peer, topic-focused discussions where you can network, collaborate, and grow with other rehab therapy professionals.

Ascend Connect

Connect with attendees through the mobile app and schedule meetups throughout Ascend Central.


Network with the professionals you best identify with in designated lounge areas.

Welcome Reception

Kick off Ascend with a drink and some new friends! Network like a pro and forge lasting connections at the welcome reception.

Happy Hour

Keep the conversation going! Round off your evenings at happy hour, located inside Ascend Central. This collaborative atmosphere is the perfect foundation for peer-to-peer conversations—plus, you can connect with our sponsors and exhibitors, the innovators of the industry.


Sign up for one of the networking group blind date events: Grab dinner with a small group of fellow attendees and enjoy an amazing local culinary hotspot. (We’ve done all the planning for you!)

The History of Ascend

As we prepare for the eleventh year of Ascend in Chicago, it's impossible not to look back at the incredible journey we've been on. From our modest start as a small gathering of therapy professionals to becoming the industry's premier business and networking conference, we're grateful for the fantastic community that has supported us over the years and the world-class speakers who have graced our stage.

It's been an incredible 11 years of learning, networking, and growth. We're proud of everything we've accomplished together—and we’re excited to keep pushing forward to help our community of therapy professionals thrive.

Let’s relive some of the incredible moments we’ve shared.