Ascend Practice and Innovator of the Year

Does your practice have what it takes?

Ascend is the ultimate business summit for rehab therapy professionals—so, naturally, we present the ultimate awards for rehab therapy professionals.

Submissions for this year's Ascend Awards have closed

Previous Award Winners

2020 Practice of The Year Winner:

Spear Physical Therapy

As a New York City fixture, SPEAR felt the devastating effects of the pandemic early on, losing roughly a third of its patients by April. But SPEAR used this challenge as an opportunity to innovate, adopt new technology, and give back to the community. Since then, SPEAR has not only rebounded but also improved its business strategy.

2020 Innovator of the Year Winner:

SymFit TV

During the COVID-19 lockdown, SymFit revamped its business model, pivoting from a focus on direct care and group therapy classes to a more telehealth-driven model—and patients have never been better. SymFit also designed its own virtual physical therapy platform, allowing it to extend patient care, build client loyalty, and improve online visibility. These are some truly inspirational achievements.


MedStar Rehabilitation Network


Summit Physical Therapy, Inc.

2018 Winner:

MTI Physical Therapy

2017 Winner:

OSI Physical Therapy

2016 Winner:

Pivot Physical Therapy

2015 Winner:

Atlantic Physical Therapy Center

Think you've got what it takes?

The Ascend awards recognize two outstanding practices in two different ways. The Innovator of the Year award is presented to a practice that’s a total rehab therapy trailblazer—one that’s executing innovative, unique, and cool new ideas. The Practice of the Year award is presented to an industry leader—a practice that’s making waves and enjoying proven success. One application, two awards.

Both awards are open to all outpatient physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy practices. On the application, a representative must designate him or herself as the individual who’s submitting the application on behalf of the practice. This representative will serve as your practice’s point of contact for all future communication regarding the award.

You do not need to be a WebPT Member to win, nor does being a WebPT Member increase your chances of winning. While we’ll notify the finalists by April 1 , 2022, we will not formally announce the winner until the Ascend 2022 event.

Judges will review all applications and choose winners based on the following criteria:

  • Significance of results achieved
  • Inclusion of data to support reported results
  • Practice’s methodology in achieving results
  • Effect of business’s success on the rehab therapy community
  • Practice’s future goals

The Ascend Awards Include:

  • WebPT-distributed press release announcing the winning practices and describing their successes
  • Half-page ad in Impact magazine highlighting the winning practices
  • Award plaque
  • Ascend 2022 Innovator of the Year or Practice of the Year logo for the practice to use on its website and marketing materials for up to five years following the event
  • Two tickets to Ascend 2022

For your practice to be eligible to win, at least one practice owner or staff member must attend Ascend 2022 on May 19–21 in Charlotte, NC. That attendee must accept the award on behalf of the practice and share the practice’s success story with the rest of the event attendees during a speaking session. Additionally, the winning practice consents to WebPT’s use of the practice's name, logo, and details of the award application for marketing purposes.

Submissions for this year's Ascend Awards have closed